Live webinar occurred March 14, 2024 at 12:00pm EST
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  • Antonio Urdaneta

4 hours


One of the most challenging moments for human resources departments to manage stakeholders’ expectations, namely, managers and employees, is when an employee is about to return to work after a disability-related leave of absence. Having the appropriate documents in place is a good start. However, human resources departments must have the skills to navigate the minefield of issues that come with a return-to-work and accommodation, including reintegration to a team of employees – where most employers fail. This session will use disability-related accommodations, and the information used here could be recreated for other human rights grounds, such as family status, creed, and gender, with relevant adjustments.     

  • Human Rights – Disability Accommodation
    • Physical and mental disabilities
    • Information required and privacy of medical information
    • Assessment, Decision and Challenges
  • Workers Compensation Return to Work
    • Cooperation, reemployment and suitable occupations
    • Transitions, assessments and plans
  • The difference between accessibility and accommodation
    • Accessibility for peoples with disabilities
    • Accommodation under human rights
  • Risk of non-compliance – Penalties
    • Penalties under human rights laws
    • Penalties under workers compensation laws
    • Penalties under accessibility laws

For Human Resource Professionals

  • Use this course as part of your provincial CPD requirements. 

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Antonio Urdaneta

B.C.L., N.C.A, GP. LL.M
Barrister & Solicitor, Founder Workplace Legal

Antonio Is the thought leader behind Workplace Legal. He focuses on improving work climate and empowering business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and human resources professionals to reduce the inherent threats of workplace relations by providing innovative training, advisory, investigations, and litigation services. Antonio uses coaching tools and skills to inform, advice and represent workplaces in their virtual and physical challenges, including business transformation and managing toxic leadership.

​Antonio obtained a Bachelor’s of Civil Law from Zulia’s University in 2003 and completed the Canadian National Committee on Accreditation in 2015. His legal work includes employment standards, human rights, health and safety, pay equity, harassment, discrimination, violence, hazards, privacy, BYOD, agreements, contracts and policies, employment related ADRs (mediation, arbitration), and litigation (wrongful/constructive dismissals). He has successfully represented and assisted clients at the Superior Court of Justice and various administrative tribunals in Ontario.

​Antonio also conducts workplace investigations regarding allegations of violence, harassment, discrimination, accidents/incidents, theft and failure to comply with company policies, by-laws and collective agreements.