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Print Resources

Temporary Entry into the Canadian Labour Market

By Stephen Green, Alexandra Cole, Peter Salerno & Cristina Guida 

ISBN: 978-1-77462-011-3

The first volume provides a well-rounded explanation of the avenues and implications of a foreign national’s temporary entry into the Canadian labour market.

Family Class Sponsorship in Canadian Immigration Law

By Michael Battista & Adrienne Smith

 ISBN: 978-1-77462-023-6

This text features a practical analysis of family reunification, including sponsorship, the rights of spouses and partners, adoption, and reunification of grandparents.

Inadmissibility and Remedies

By Raj Sharma & Aris Daghighian

ISBN: 978-1-77462-019-9

This text outlines strategic elements involved in overcoming claims of inadmissibility related to criminality, medical reasons, or as a result of misrepresentation.

Canadian Refugee Protection Law Guide

By David Matas, with Gentiana Morina

ISBN: 978-1-77462-015-1

This guidebook examines a wide range of topics, including refugee entry to Canada, detention, refugee claims and hearings, PRRA applications, humanitarian applications, refugee sponsorships, appeals, and refusals.