Live webinar October 22, 2024 at 10:00am EST
OR available video recording

  • Sarah Teal

5 hours


The course will review common processes of the LTB and statutory requirements under the RTA that must be satisfied to obtain favourable results for clients. We will also cover tips and strategies when offering legal advice to clients with LTB matters. We will review the RTA in detail, LTB Rules of Practice, and binding caselaw a LTB practitioner should never be without. Finally, we will cover practical elements like effectively managing client expectations as this course covers many professionalism points important to consider when managing LTB matters.


Part 1: Filing Application – Setup for Success

  • Why the First Steps are the Most Important?
  • What is a “Fatally” Flawed Notice?
  • Common Landlord Process
  • Tenant Process
  • LTB Applications & Notices
  • Common Landlord and Tenant Applications & Notices
  • Common Tenant Applications & Notices
  • Filing with the Board
  • Filing Methods
  • Filing Fees and Filing Joint Applications
  • Serving Documents Lawfully/ Pursuant to the RTA
  • Methods of Lawful Service

Part 2: Know the Requirements

  • What is a statutory requirement?
  • Review of the RTA
  • How to find requirement
  • Common Requirements, Mistakes & How to Remedy, if Possible
  • Notice Requirements (s. 43)
  • Lawful Rent Increase
  • Standard Lease Requirement
  • Compensation Requirement for Certain Notices
  • Terminating a Tenancy Lawfully
  • Requirement was not met! What now?

PART 3: Caselaw

PART 4: Professionalism in LTB

  • Strategies for effectively Managing Client expectations
  • How to manage difficult clients in your LTB practice
  • How to avoid and manage conflicts of interest

For Lawyers and Paralegals

  • Law Society of Ontario
    Substantive Hours: This program is eligible for up to 5 hours total
  • Professionalism Hours: This program contains 1 hour of professionalism content



  • Attendance at the live five hour webinar.
  • Access to the course materials.
  • Ability to watch the webinar until  December 31, 2025
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Sarah Teal

Lead Paralegal, Sarah Teal Legal Services

Sarah is a dedicated, results-orientated, Licensed Paralegal. She’s worked in various environments including as a sole practitioner, at a large firm, and as a Paralegal Diploma college instructor. Sarah formed the Society of Residential Tenancy Advocates (“SORTA”), a professional group of LTB representatives providing mentorship and guidance to liensess looking to expand or improve LTB / RTA knowledge and advocacy skills.