Marc Miller, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, recently strengthened the country’s international student program with a new fraud prevention program.

While not pro-capping international student admissions, Miller emphasized the need to verify Letters of Acceptance (LOA), which prospective international students must receive prior to a study permit application.

Additionally, the government plans to implement a new “Recognized Institutions Framework” for Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) by the fall semester of 2024. DLIs encompass colleges, universities, and other educational institutions approved by provincial and territorial governments for welcoming international students. The framework will establish higher standards for services, support, and outcomes for international students. The idea’s rationale is that designated learning institutions (DLIs) meeting specific IRCC integrity criteria would qualify for benefits, such as priority processing of IRCC study permit applications.

Additional details will be provided regarding how institutions can gain recognition and the benefits they will receive.

Miller announced that IRCC will conduct its first review of the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which has not been reviewed in a decade, and will announce reforms soon. He aims to adjust the PGWP to accommodate Canada’s labor shortages in high-demand sectors and achieve regional and Francophone immigration objectives.



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