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New policy on remissions when service standards are not met in some IRCC programs

According to the Service Fees Act, when an individual pays for a government service and the service standard is not met, the department involved must return a portion of the fee to the fee payer. In such cases, remissions (partial refunds) will be issued to complete applications received on or after April 1, 2021, for the Right of Citizenship fee, the International Experience Canada program participation fee, and certain fees related to passports and other travel documents.

There is no need for a client to contact the department to request a remission if the service standard is not met. The remission will typically be issued by July 1 of the following fiscal year via the method of original payment, or by cheque for payments that are not made online.

The refund for the Right of Citizenship fee will be 25% if the delay is less than 4 months and 50% if more than 4 months. The Right of Citizenship service standard time is 4 months. As for the IEC, the refund will be 25% for the delay of 28 calendar days or fewer, and 50% for the delay over 29 days. The service standard for IEC is 56 days.

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