Live webinar July 27, 2022 @ 10:00 AM EST 
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JP Javadi


5 hours

SUMMARY: This course will guide licensed paralegals, lawyers and legal representatives on various legal factors in dealing with mostly highway traffic matters in the Provincial Offences Court of Ontario. Participants will gain an understanding of the roles of the Justice of Peace, Judge, prosecutors, police and defense in the Ontario offences court; key classifications of traffic ticket common offences; the Provincial Offence Procedural Stream key classification and differences between Part I and Part III offences; main categories of common provincial offense charges under the Highway Traffic Act and the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act; the art of advocating; possible Canadian Charter of Rights applications and motions; closing files and disbursement of funds as well as possible appeal options. 

  • The legislative definition and structure of the Acts
  • The players in court and their role
  • Key Classifications between Part I offended and Part III
  • Understanding common offences under the Provincial Offences Act and their classifications (i.e.,Mens Rea, absolute liability, strict liability)
  • Advocating for your clients’ trial/file and preparation of applications and motions
  • Closing your file/appeal process


For Lawyers and Paralegals

Law Society of Ontario 
   • Substantive Hours: This program is eligible for up to 5 hours

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• Attendance at the live five hour webinar
• Access to the course materials
• Ability to watch the webinar until  December 31, 2023


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Your Instructor

JP Javadi

CEO/Head Paralegal

Relionus Legal

JP is a graduate of Ryerson University and Seneca College. He has been practising as a Paralegal since 2005 and in 2008 was grandfathered in as a Paralegal to become an LSO Paralegal Member. 

In the past, he has worked as a Court/Administrative Clerk at the Ontario Provincial Offences Court. In the beginning of his career, JP worked as a Paralegal at a prominent traffic ticket office prior to founding and opening Pointstoppers Legal Services, specializing in in representing clients in traffic ticket and criminal matters. 

JP went on to open Relionus Legal Services, broadening his scope of practice to include landlord and tenant matters as well as representing clients in small claims court. He currently serves as CEO and Lead Paralegal at this firm. 

PJ comes with 20 years of teaching experience at prominent Canadian colleges.