Live webinar April 12, 2023 at 12:00pm EST
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Jon Javadi


3 hours

SUMMARY: The course will provide an introduction and guide for licensed paralegals, lawyers and legal representatives on the various legal factors when handling and defending common offences under the Highway Traffic Act. The course will consider common offences under the Highway Traffic Act, specifically: careless driving, handheld devices, speeding and disobeying Stop Signs and red lights. It will teach an understanding of the offences as stated in the law and the penalties of the common offences including fines, demerit points and license suspensions. The instructor will walk participants through the obligation of the Crown to prove offences beyond a reasonable doubt and the defenses available under the Highway Traffic Act. Procedures of the police when enforcing the common offence under the Highway Traffic Act will be discussed. Finally, participants will study case law and precedents important when handling common offences under the Highway Traffic Act.

  • Brief introduction to common offences 
    • careless driving s.130
    • handheld s.78.1(1)
    • speeding s.128(1)
    • red light s.144 (18) and disobey stop sign s.136 (1)
  • Laws and statues under the Highway Traffic Act for commons offences
  • Police powers and procedures of enforcement under the Highway Traffic Act for commons offences
  • Crown’s onus – beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Defenses and strategies available for common offences 
    • careless driving defenses
    • handheld defenses
    • speeding defenses
    • red light and disobeying a stop sign
  • Precedents and caselaw

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For Lawyers and Paralegals

Law Society of Ontario
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