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Canada’s new PR streams launch next week

Essential workers and international graduates can apply to become permanent residents starting May 6, 2021.

As part of an initiative to meet immigration targets amid travel restrictions, Canada is launching six new limited-time immigration programs for essential workers and international student graduates who are working in Canada.

Canada’s six new immigration streams for essential workers, international graduates, plus an unlimited number of French speakers are set to launch next week.

Three of the streams will allow 90,000 essential workers and international graduates to get permanent residency status. The other three streams target French-speaking immigration candidates.

  • Workers in Canada, Stream A – Health care workers (20,000 applications);
  • Workers in Canada, Stream B – Other essential workers (30,000 applications);
  • International graduates (40,000 applications);
  • Workers in Canada, Stream A – French-speaking health care workers (no intake cap);
  • Workers in Canada, Stream B – French-speaking essential workers (no intake cap);
  • French-speaking international graduates (no intake cap).

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